Oggie has an exceptionally broad range of wide plank
FSC oak flooring and timber wall cladding.

Legno Rustic – unfinished

Legno Rustic comes with many knots and is made up
from wood chosen for it’s outstanding character.

Legno Living – unfinished

Legno Living comes with small and unobtrusive knots that creates
the perfect balance for a sleek modern interior.

Grande Rustic – unfinished

The grande, extra wide-plank flooring range with its generous formats, diverse application options,
and unparalleled quality, is one of the showpieces in the Oggie’s product range.

Ande – unfinished

Ande Irregular handscraped floors undergo a weathering
process to give them an amazing lived-in look.

Herringbone – unfinished

Herringbone Living planks comes unfinished with minimal colour variation and a few small and unobtrusive knots.
The sap content of this product range is very low, which indicates that it is of a higher quality.

Chevron – unfinished

Oggie’s Chevron collection is a contemporary take on the classic fishbone pattern.
The ingenious construction of ‘ready made’ patterned panels ensures easy, fast and stable installation.

Versailles – unfinished

Versailles living panels comes pre-assembled with some small character knots.
The colour variation is minimal, and the sap content of this product range is also low.


Ona will give your home the perfect foundation, because the planks have soft earthy tones,
which bring a sense of serenity to a busy and vibrant interior.


Classico has big personality, with many knots, undulating texture and
modern grey hues. It is brilliantly practical and gorgeously modern.


Oliato provides nuanced colour variations with a finish that
can accommodate a variety of contrasting furniture.


Cerato solid wooden floors are sought-after for a traditional, stately home look,
because they are smoked, deep brushed, chiselled, distressed and hand-scraped.


Barca reclaimed boat-wood panels have been salvaged from old de-commissioned Javanese fishing boats,
Barca panels reveals evidence of sea and sand. It is weather-worn and beautifully accented.
Each board is utterly unique in its colour, inflections and quirks and can be used for ceilings and walls.