Product Range:

Grande Rustic




Brazil Brown


The grande, extra wide-plank flooring range with its generous formats, diverse application options, and unparalleled quality, is one of the showpieces in Oggie’s product range.

Price (Supply Only)

Cost/m2 in the Grande Rustic Range starts from R1657.00


There are numerous colour finishes for this Crudo Grande range.
Here are the most popular customized options.

Colour Lab Finish

Our new Dutch finishing line is the most technologically advanced colour finishing plant in Africa. In the Grande Rustic range you can create your custom colour finish in either UV oil or commercial grade Diamond oil. Priced from R100/m2.

Plank Sizes:

Thickness Width Length
15/4 x 305 x 2550mm
20/6 x 360 x 2550mm
20/6 x 400 x 2550mm
20/6 x 400 x 4000mm
20/6 x 400 x 5000mm
plank sizes

Pattern: Strip