Garden Route

This holiday home is like a log cabin that will always be in harmony with nature because all the rooms have real oak floors,real oak ceilings and real oak walls.A sea breeze come through large sliding doors from the South and exits to an Outenique hill to the North.Shutter panels regulates light and ventilation, but simultaneously extends the interior to the exterior.Finishes are simple, real and natural in harmony with this environment.

Architect: Slee & Co.

Photographer: Will Punt


Residential – Private
Region  – Western Cape

Wood Floor Specifications

Type: Oggie European Oak
Range: Oliato Rustic
Colour: Greymist
Thickness: 15/4mm
Width: 220mm
Length: 2200mm
Finish: Woca Denmark UV Oil

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Application – Floors
Room – Dining Room, Passage, Bedroom